Summary of Quran Chapter 36, Surah Ya-Sin 

In this verse, Allah Almighty has provided the signs of
His perfect power and profound wisdom, which are evident not only throughout
the entire universe but also within the essence of human beings themselves. One
side of these manifestations of Allah’s power is clear: the Entity that
possesses such immense power and wisdom requires neither any partner nor any
helper to sustain His divine order. 

surah yasin quran chapter 36

Thus, He alone is worthy of worship. On the
other hand, these signs of power indicate that the Entity who has created this
universe and its astonishingly complex system has no difficulty in granting
human beings another life after their death. Therefore, these signs of power
establish the belief in the Oneness of God and the concept of the Hereafter
unequivocally. The Noble and Last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had come
to invite people to reflect upon these signs and to correct their beliefs and
actions accordingly. 

Despite this, if some people are not accepting this
invitation, they are actually causing harm to themselves, because of which they
are becoming deserving of Allah Almighty’s punishment. In this context, verses
13 to 29 mention the account of a community that did not accept the invitation
of truth. Instead, they engaged in oppression and cruelty against the bearers
of truth. 

The outcome for those propagating the truth was indeed favorable, but
those who rejected the truth fell into the grip of Allah Almighty’s punishment.
Since this chapter eloquently and comprehensively presents the fundamental
beliefs of Islam, it is reported from the Noble and Last Prophet Muhammad
(peace be upon him) that he referred to this chapter as “the heart of the