Summary of Quran Chapter 34, Surah Saba (People of Sheba) 

The main theme of this surah is to invite the people of
Makkah and other polytheists to the basic beliefs of Islam. In this regard,
their objections and doubts have been answered, and they have been warned of
the evil end of disobedience. In this context, the great reigns of Holy Prophet
Dawud and Holy Prophet Suleiman (peace be upon them) and on the other hand, the
glorious reigns of the people of Saba have been mentioned. 

surat Saba people of Sheba

Holy Prophet Dawud
and Holy Prophet Suleiman (peace be upon them) were blessed with such a mighty
empire that has no precedent in the history of the world. However, these chosen
prophets never had the slightest pride in this kingdom, and they continued to
pay the rights of Allah, considering this kingdom as a reward from Allah. In
addition, using their government for the promotion of goodness and the welfare
of the people. Therefore, they were also a leader in this world, and have found
a high position in the hereafter as well. 

On the
other hand, Allah with all kinds of prosperity blessed the people of Saba, who
lived in Yemen,, but they adopted an attitude of ungratefulness and promoted
disbelief and polytheism, which resulted in the punishment of Allah upon them,
and their prosperity became a thing of the past. 

By mentioning these two
incidents, the lesson has been given that if one gets any power from Allah
Almighty, or if one is blessed with worldly prosperity, forgetting Allah by
being engrossed in it invites destruction. This has warned the chiefs of the
polytheists who, in the pride of their power, were obstructing the path of the
true religion.