Summary of Quran Chapter 45, Surah Al-Jathiyah, The

In this verse, emphasis is primarily placed on three
points. Firstly, in this universe, there are so many signs of the perfect power
and supreme wisdom of Allah Almighty spread everywhere that a rational person,
upon pondering upon them, cannot reach any conclusion other than the fact that
the Creator of this universe has no need for any partner in His divine scheme,
and therefore, associating anyone with Him in worship is entirely baseless. 

surah Al-Jathiyah Al-Jasiyah

Secondly, it is mentioned to Prophet Muhammad (peace be
upon him) that he has been given certain commandments in the Sharia (Islamic
law) that differ from the commandments given to previous nations. Since all
these commandments are from Allah Almighty, there should be no wonder about

Thirdly, in this verse, a terrifying picture of the
scenes of the Day of Judgment is depicted. It is stated in verse number 28 that
on the Day of Judgment, people will be so filled with fear that their knees
will be gathered close to their chests. “Jasiyah or Jathiyah” is an
Arabic term used to describe those who are crouched with their knees close to
their chests. This term is also the name of the chapter (Surah) itself. 

Qur’an Chapter: 45:28:- And you will see each nation
humbled to their knees (Kneeling): each nation will be called to its Record (of
deeds). This Day you shall be recompensed for what you used to do.