Summary of Quran Chapter 47, Surah Mohammad, Surat
Al-Qital, The Fighting 

This Surah was revealed during the early years of the
Islamic life of Madinah and, according to the majority of scholars, after the
Battle of Badr. It was a time when the disbelievers of Arabia were making
various attempts to undermine the rising Islamic government in Al-Madinah, and
they were preparing to launch attacks against it. 

This Surah (Quran chapter) is called Surah Al-Muhammad
because it mentions the blessed name of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (peace
be upon him), in the second verse. It is also known as Surah Al-Qital (the
chapter of fighting) because it contains instructions regarding jihad
(struggle) and combat. 

surah Mohammad

Therefore, this Surah primarily outlines the laws related
to jihad and warfare. It also highlights the virtues of those who strive for the
cause of Allah and raise the word of Allah high. In Al-Madinah, there were a
considerable number of hypocrites who professed Islam with their tongues but
were disbelievers at heart. 

When discussions about jihad and warfare took place in
front of these hypocrites, they would seek excuses to avoid fighting, driven by
their cowardice and deceitful intentions. This Surah condemns their behavior
and warns them of the consequences. The Surah also includes instructions
regarding the treatment of prisoners of war during times of conflict. 

The Surah is a reminder that the struggle for the cause
of Allah requires sincerity and determination. It was revealed during a
critical period in Islamic history when the nascent Muslim community faced
external threats and internal challenges, and it provides guidance on how to
navigate these challenges with faith and integrity. 

in the second verse of this Surah, the blessed name of the Messenger of Allah,
Muhammad (peace be upon him), is mentioned, it is called Surah Al-Muhama
md (PBUH). Additionally, since it
contains instructions regarding jihad and combat, it is also referred to as
Surah Al-Qital (
سورۂ قتال), which means “the chapter of