Summary of Quran Chapter 61, Surah As-Saff, The Row or
The Rank 

The Surah referred to as “صف” (Saff)
in the provided text is Surah As-Saff (The Ranks or The Rows) from the Quran. 

This Surah was revealed in the blessed city of Madinah
when the hypocrites, in alliance with the Jews of the surroundings, were
plotting against the Muslims in various ways. In this Surah, the role of the
Jews of Bani Israel is specifically mentioned. It is noted that they themselves
had subjected their Prophet Hazrat Musa (Moses) to various afflictions,
resulting in a crookedness in his disposition. When Hazrat Isa (Jesus) came,
they also denied his prophethood and turned a deaf ear to the glad tidings he


When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came, they not only denied his prophethood
but also initiated conspiracies against him. Their role in history is
highlighted in this Surah, especially how they opposed and plotted against the

Upon the arrival of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), not only did
they deny faith in his prophethood, but they also started conspiracies against
him. The Surah elucidates the character of the Jews of Bani Israel and, at the
same time, gives glad tidings to sincere Muslims. It assures them that if they
follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad
(PBUH) and act upon the commands mentioned in this
Surah, particularly emphasizing Jihad, then Allah will soon grant them victory
and triumph. 

As a result, all the conspiracies of the hypocrites and
Jews will be in vain. In this context, the fourth verse of this Surah praises
those Muslims who stand in ranks and engage in Jihad in the path of Allah.
Therefore, this Surah is named Surah As-Saff, meaning ‘The Ranks, or The Row’
referring to the disciplined and organized ranks of Muslims standing in defense
against external threats.