Summary of Quran Chapter 57, Surah al-Hadid, Iron 

It is known from verse number 10 of this Surah that it
was revealed after the conquest of Mecca. At that time, hostilities against the
Muslims by the disbelievers had considerably subsided, and the control of the
Muslims over the Arabian Peninsula was increasing. 

Therefore, in this Surah, Muslims are instructed to focus
on adorning themselves with the qualities that their religion requires. They
are also advised to seek forgiveness from Allah for their shortcomings.
Additionally, they are encouraged to spend their wealth in the path of Allah
and prioritize the well-being of the Hereafter over worldly wealth and

surah al-hadid quran chpater 57 the iron

As a result of these actions, they will be granted a
light in the Hereafter that will lead them to paradise, while hypocrites will
be deprived of this light. Towards the end of the Surah, the Christians are
reminded that their practice of monasticism (abandoning the world) did not
conform to the commandments of Allah. 

Allah did not instruct them to completely abandon the
world but emphasized living in this world while following His guidance and
fulfilling all rights in accordance with His guidance. 

Christians are also instructed that to seek Allah’s pleasure, it is necessary
to have faith in the noble Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. In verse number
25 of this Surah, mention is made of iron (in Arabic, ‘
حديد‘ is referred to as ‘Iron‘), and that’s why the Surah
is called Surah Al-Hadid.