Summary of Quran Chapter 16 The Bees Surah Al-Nahl

The main theme of this surah is the detailed description
of the blessings of Allah Almighty which He has created for the benefit of man
in this universe. That is why this surah is also called “Surat al-Na’am,
the surah of blessings”. The polytheists of Arabia generally believed that
most of these blessings were created by Allah Almighty. The idols they used to
worship are also part of the deity of the Almighty. Thus, by mentioning these
blessings of the Almighty, they are invited to believe in Tawheed. Their
objections have been answered. If they do not believe, they are warned of the
punishment of Allah. At which time this Surah was revealed.

At that time many Muslims were forced to migrate to
Abyssinia because of the oppression of the infidels. In verses 41 and 42, it is
reassured that their misery and suffering will end, and they will be given a
good place in this world and the Hereafter. There is a great reward for them,
provided they work patiently and put their trust in Allah Almighty. The last
part of the surah also mentions some important functions of Islamic law which
should be the basis of a Muslim’s conduct. Bee is called Nahl in Arabic. In
verse 68 of this surah, Allah Almighty mentions His rewards and refers to the
bee how it builds its hive and produces honey in the mountains and forests with
the knowledge of Allah. That is why the name of the surah is Nahl.

Verses from the Holy Quran:

Verse 41: And as for those who emigrated for the cause of
Allah, after they had been wronged, We will certainly give them goodly
residence in this world, but indeed the reward of the Hereafter will be
greater; if they but knew!

Verse 42: (They are) those who remained patient (in this
world for Allah’s sake), and put their trust in their Lord (Allah Alone).

Verse 68: And your Lord inspired the bees, saying: “Take
you habitations in the mountains and the treed and what they erect.