Summary of Quran Chapter 56, Surah Waqi’ah, The Event 

1: As mentioned previously, there is a connection between
Surah Ar-Rahman and Surah Al-Waqi’ah. In this regard, there is a profound
relationship and similarity between these two chapters. Both these Surahs are
unique in the Quran in that they do not mention prophethood, revelation, or

However, both of these Surahs contain references to the creation of
Allah, descriptions of the conditions of Paradise and Hell, and reminders of
the greatness of Allah. These themes are presented in reverse order in both of
these chapters. 

surah waqi'ah chapter 56 The event

(Late, Dr. Israr Ahmed, a renowned Islamic scholar

Second Opinion: (Mufti Taqi Usmani, Islamic scholar). 

2: This Surah is from the early Meccan Surahs, and it
eloquently describes the conditions of the Day of Judgment. It is explained
that in the Hereafter, all humans will be divided into three different groups
based on their outcomes. 

One group will belong to Allah’s close servants who
hold the highest ranks due to their faith and righteous deeds. 

The second group
will consist of ordinary Muslims who will receive their records of deeds in
their right hands. 

The third group will belong to those whose records will be
given in their left hands. 

Then, these three groups will be presented with their
past actions in a very impactful manner. After that, humans are directed to
reflect upon their existence and the blessings, acknowledging that everything
is a gift from Allah. The demand is to express gratitude and recognition of His
Oneness by believing in Tawhid. 

In the final section, while emphasizing the divine nature
of the Quran, the Surah reminds humans of the appointed time of their death. It
is stressed that no one can escape their own death or save their loved ones
from it. Therefore, the One who is the Lord of life and death has the authority
to decide the fate of individuals after death, and it is the duty of humans to
submit to His greatness. 

first verse of this Surah indeed contains the word ‘
واقعہ‘ (Waqi’ah), which means “The
Event”. The Surah is named “Surah Al-Waqi’ah” after this word,
signifying, referring to the Day of Judgment or the Hereafter. (which refers to
the event of the Day of Judgment).