Summary of Quran Chapter 40, Surah Al-Momin The Believer 

Surah Ghafir or Surah Al-Momin, The Forgiver or The Believer 

From here to Surah Ahqaf, each surah begins with
the disjoined letters Ha-Meem, as mentioned at the start of Surah
Al-Baqarah. The precise meaning of these letters is known only to Allah, and
apart from Him, no one comprehends their exact significance. Since these seven
surahs start with Ha-Meem, they are collectively called ‘Hawameem.’ Due
to their eloquence in Arabic rhetoric, they have also been bestowed the title
of ‘Arous al-Quran,’ meaning the Bride of the Quran. 

surat momin surah ghafir

All of these surahs are of Meccan origin, and they
emphasize the foundational beliefs of Islam—Tawheed (Monotheism), Risalat
(Prophethood), and Akhirah (Hereafter). They address objections raised by
disbelievers, provide answers to disbelief, caution against the dire
consequences of denial, and reference events involving noble prophets. 

In the first surah, while narrating the event of Prophet
Musa (peace be upon him), verses 28 to 35 present the discourse of a believing
man from the people of Pharaoh. This individual had kept his faith concealed
until that point. However, when the oppression of Pharaoh against Prophet Musa
and his companions escalated, and Pharaoh’s intent to kill Prophet Musa became
evident, this believer openly declared his faith before Pharaoh’s court through
a compelling address. 

surah is named after this faithful man and is known as ‘Mu’min’ (the
Believer). It is also referred to as Surah Ghafir, which means ‘The Forgiver.’
This term is used in the very first verse of this surah to describe Allah’s
attributes, thus, the name ‘Ghafir’ has been assigned to this surah to
emphasize its theme of Divine forgiveness.