Summary of Quran Chapter 39, Surah Az-Zumar The Groups 

This Surah (Qur’an chapter) was revealed during the early
period of Mecca’s life, and in it, the various false beliefs of the Meccan
polytheists are refuted. These polytheists believed that Allah Almighty is the
Creator of the universe, but they also believed in different deities, thinking
that by worshiping them, they would be pleased and intercede with Allah
Almighty on their behalf. Some even considered the angels as Allah Almighty’s
daughters. This Surah (Qur’an chapter) calls for the declaration of monotheism
by refuting these various beliefs. 

quran chapter az-zumar The groups


This was a time when Muslims were facing severe
persecution at the hands of the polytheists. Therefore, in this Surah, Muslims
were given permission to migrate to a region where they could worship Allah
Almighty in peace. Furthermore, the disbelievers were warned that if they did
not abandon their hostile attitude, they would face severe consequences. 

At the
end of the Surah, a portrayal is drawn that in the Hereafter, groups of
disbelievers will be led to Hell in a similar manner to herds, while Muslims
will be led to Paradise in groups. The Arabic word “Zumar” is used
for groups and that is the name of this Surah.