Summary of Quran Chapter 37, Surah As-Saffat Those Ranged
in Ranks 

The majority of the fundamental beliefs of Islam, namely
monotheism, Prophethood, and the hereafter, have been emphasized in various
ways in the Makkah Quranic chapters (chapters revealed in Mecca city in Saudi
Arabia). The central theme of this surah is also the same. 

suran as-saffat quran chapter 37

However, this surah particularly addresses the erroneous
belief of the Arab polytheists who used to claim that angels are the
daughters of Allah. That is why the surah begins with the description of the
angels. Additionally, this surah presents glimpses of the situations in the

The disbelievers are warned of the horrifying
consequences of disbelief, and they are reminded that despite all their
opposition, Islam will prevail in this world as well. On this occasion, the
incidents of Prophet Noah, Prophet Lot, Prophet Moses, Prophet Elisha or Elijah,
and Prophet Jonah are mentioned briefly, and the incident of Prophet Abraham is
narrated in detail with elaboration. 

the event where Prophet Abraham was commanded to sacrifice his son (Ishmael) and
his response to it, along with the profound emotions involved in the act of
sacrifice, are described in great depth within this surah. The name of the
surah is derived from its first verse.