Summary of Quran Chapter 59, Surah Al-Hashr, The

This passage describes an incident during the second year
of the migration (Hijrah) of Prophet Muhammad
PBUH to Medina. At that time, there was a
significant Jewish population in Medina. Prophet Muhammad
PBUH made a treaty with them, ensuring mutual
peace and cooperation. Despite accepting the treaty, some Jews harbored
animosity towards the Prophet
PBUH and engaged in secret conspiracies against


One specific tribe among the Jews, known as Banu Nadir,
plotted to assassinate Prophet Muhammad
PBUH during a meeting by dropping a large rock on
him. Allah revealed this plot to the Prophet
PBUH through divine revelation. In response, the
PBUH left the meeting unharmed. 

Following this event, Prophet Muhammad PBUH sent a message to Banu Nadir, declaring the
termination of their treaty and setting a specific timeframe for them to leave
Medina. The condition was that if they failed to leave within the stipulated
period, the Muslims would consider them free targets for attack. 

Some hypocrites from Banu Nadir convinced the Muslims
that they would stay true to the treaty. Consequently, Banu Nadir did not leave
within the specified time. Prophet Muhammad
PBUH then besieged their fortress, but the
hypocrites received no support. Eventually, Banu Nadir surrendered, and Prophet
PBUH allowed them to leave with their belongings, excluding

This incident is highlighted in the context of the
revelation of Surah Al-Hashr, named after the event. The Surah provides
commentary on this incident and imparts various directives and guidance related
to it. Some companions also referred to it as Surah Bani Nadir.