Summary of Quran Chapter 38, Surah Sad 

Miracles of the Qur’an 

Introduction: Quran Chapter “Sad”, 

[These letters (Sad, etc.) are one of the miracles of the
Quran, and none but Allah (Alone) knows their meanings]. The Qur’an is full of reminding (explanations and honor for the one who believes in it). 

The particular incident of the revelation of this Surah
is as follows… This incident of the revelation of this Surah is a special
event mentioned in credible traditions. Although Hazrat Muhammad’s (peace be
upon him) uncle, Abu Talib, did not embrace faith in Hazrat Muhammad (peace be
upon him), he (Abu Talib) supported him (Mohammad PBUH) significantly in
fulfilling his rights as a relative. 

surah Sad quran chapter 38

Once, a delegation from the Quraysh (The
Quraysh Arabic: a grouping of Arab clans that historically inhabited and
controlled the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and its House of Allah Almighty.) came
to Abu Talib, the chief of the Quraysh and the second leader after him, and
said that if Muhammad (peace be upon him) would stop cursing our idols, we
would allow him to practice his own religion. 

Even though Hazrat Muhammad
(peace be upon him) did not say anything negative about their idols beyond that
they possess neither the power to bring benefit nor harmOn and that considering
them as gods led to misguidance. They came up with this proposal in front of
him in a gathering. 

Upon this, you said to Abu Talib, ‘Uncle, shall I not
invite them to something even better?’ Abu Talib asked, ‘What is it?’ The Last
Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) replied, ‘I want to invite them to a word by which the
Arabs will become subservient to them, and the entire non-Arab world will
become subject to them.’ After that, you recited the Kalimah of Tawhid (the
declaration of monotheism). 

Upon hearing this, all the people swept their
clothes and stood up, saying, ‘Shall we abandon all our gods and accept only
one?’ This is truly astonishing. On this occasion, the verses of Surah Sad (Qur’an
chapter 38 verses) were revealed. 

addition to this, this Surah also mentions various events of different Prophets,
among which the incidents of Prophet David and Prophet Solomon (peace be upon
them) are particularly notable.