Summary of Quran Chapter 66 Surah At-Tahrim The Prohibition 

The Surah At-Tahrim emphasizes moderation in spousal relations and highlights the prohibition of self-imposed restrictions on permissible matters.

First Point of view: As mentioned in the introductory remarks before Surah At-Talaq, this Surah sheds light on issues arising from disputes between spouses. At the same time, Surah At-Tahrim highlights another aspect of family life. Specifically, it reveals how a husband might commit an act that is not permissible in Islamic law while trying to please his wife or out of consideration for her feelings. Conversely, it warns against making promises not to engage in actions that are permissible according to Islamic law merely to appease the wife.

While the discussion here refers to the character of Muhammad PBUH, the primary aim is to educate the community. It was inconceivable for Muhammad PBUH to engage in any actions contrary to Islamic law for the sake of pleasing any of his wives. Nonetheless, there are a few incidents in your biography where you promised your wives not to eat something permissible for you. This theme is addressed in the initial verses of the Surah. (An Islamic Scholar, Mufti Taqi Usmani). 


surah At-Tahrim


Second Point of View: As stated in the introduction of the previous surah, the main theme of this surah is also how husband and wife should adopt a moderate and balanced attitude towards each other and their children. On the one hand, loving them within reasonable limits is also a requirement of religion, and on the other hand, it is also necessary to monitor them so that they do not deviate from the commands of Allah Almighty.

In this connection, an incident happened with Muhammad (PBUH) himself, for the sake of pleasing some of his wives, he had taken an oath that he would not drink honey in the future. On this, Allah Almighty said to you that what Allah Almighty has made lawful for you, why do you make it haram for you? That is why the name of the surah is Surah At-Tahrim which means: (The Prohibition). (An Islamic Scholar, Late Dr. Israr Ahmed).