Eastern countries, the tendency and use of camel milk are also growing in
western countries. But the critics insist that their experiences have been done
on animals rather than humans. However, now new research has shown that camel
milk can be useful in type 2 diabetes. 

camel milk

milk, yogurt, and butter are global reputations due to their great nutrition.
Because they contain large amounts of vitamin C, iron, calcium, insulin, and
protein. Experts have studied the presence of fats in the milk for this.
Although internal burnt and inflammation in our body occurs at that time when
the body is fighting internal germs or bacteria.

internal physical irritation in the condition of obesity and diabetes becomes a
constant burden. A special type of cell in the fats of the body is called
macrophage which plays an important role in internal inflammation.

Moore, professor of biomedical science at Cardiff Metropolitan University, and
his colleagues mixed macrophages in the fat to the milk of camel and studied
them attentively. Experts were surprised after many experiences that fats in
camel’s milk have reduced macrophage, rather it has also reduced the protein
‘Inflammasome’ which causes inflammation.

it is useful for humans after the experiment. Type 2 Diabetes and its
inflammation can be reduced. According to this, camel milk can be considered
useful for diabetes patients. But there are other benefits of camel milk which
can be obtained from regular use.