you know the disadvantages of allowing children to use smartphones?

too much time on smartphones and computer screens has devastating effects on
children’s ability to prepare for school.

was revealed in a medical study conducted in Australia.

from the University of South Australia has shown that modern lifestyles are
affecting children’s educational development.

study involved more than 100 school-age children, and the researchers found
that spending too much time in front of a screen negatively affects children’s
development and that at the start of school, they Are lagging behind in


say that reducing screen time and increasing sports opportunities are tools to
help them prepare for school.

said that getting ready to go to school is the ability of children to make the journey from preschool to formal school successfully, but research shows that
one in four children in South Australia is far behind in this regard.

added that the results indicate that families are increasingly using screens to
spend time with their children and that this has led to the development of
little angels’ social abilities, concentration, problem-solving ability, and
self-esteem. The ability to control is affected and these are all very
important for school life.

much screen time delays school readiness

said that spending time in front of the screen has now become a part of daily
routine, but it needs to be balanced and parents should be made aware that
excessive use of devices can affect the development of children.

say that children should spend more time playing with traditional toys, and a
balanced and healthy lifestyle helps improve children’s daily routines.

a joint study by the University of London, King’s College London, and the
University of Bath in January 2021 found that children who spend more time
using touch screen devices are more focused than others. The risk of affecting
the ability to do is high.

has shown that when children spend more time with touch screen devices, they
are more likely to be confused during work than children who stay away from the

research team said that the results show the importance of the time spent on
the screen on the development of children, especially during the pandemic of Covid19, the use of touch screen devices in children has increased. 

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