Hypocrisy and
its various Manifestations An-Nifaq 

Hypocrisy is of
two types, namely: 

(A) Hypocrisy
in Belief. 

(B) Hypocrisy
in deeds and actions. 

(A) Hypocrisy
in Belief 

There are six
aspects of hypocrisy in Belief:

1. To deny the
Messenger (Muhammad PBUH).

2. To deny some
of all that was brought by the Messenger (Muhammad PBUH) (e.g. the Qur’ân, the
Sunnah, laws, and principles of Islam),

3. To hate the
Messenger (Muhammad PBUH).

4. To hate some
of that which was brought by the Messenger (Muhammad PBUH) e.g. Islamic
Monotheism, etc.

5. To feel
happy at the disgrace of or the set-back for the religion of Allâh’s Messenger
(Muhammad PBUH)

6. To dislike
that the religion of Allâh’s Messenger (Islamic Monotheism), becomes victorious
(not being pleased with the victory of Islam).

A person having
these six types (of hypocrisy) will be in the lowest depths (grade) of the Fire
(Hell). (See Quranic Chapter. 4: 145).

(B) Hypocrisy
in deeds and actions

There are five
aspects of hypocrisy in deeds and actions, and their proof is from the
statement of Allâh’s Messenger PBUH: 

The signs of a
hypocrite are these:

1. Whenever he
speaks, he tells a lie.

2. Whenever he
promises, he always breaks it (his promise).

3. If you trust
him, he proves to be dishonest (if you keep something as a trust with him, he
will not return it).

4. (And in
another narration of the Prophet PBUH) Whenever he quarrels, he behaves in a
very imprudent, evil, insulting manner.

5. Whenever he makes
a covenant, he proves himself treacherous. 

Source: qurancomplex.org