Summary of Quran Chapter 23 The Believers Surah Al-Mu’minun 

At the beginning of this Surah, Allah Almighty
mentioned the fundamental attributes that should be found in Muslims. In a
hadith of Musnad Ahmad, referring to Hazrat Umar, it is narrated that Hazrat
Muhammad PBUH, said that the things mentioned in the first ten verses of this
Surah if a person creates all those things within himself. Therefore, he will
go straight to heaven. 

That is why the name of this Surah is
“Mu’minun”, that is, the Surah that describes how Muslims should be. In
addition, it is narrated in Nasa’i that a person asked Hazrat Aisha (RA) what
were the morals and attributes of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). In response to this,
Hazrat Aisha recited these ten verses of Surah Mominun that all of which were
the attributes of Mohammad PBUH. The main purpose of the surah is to invite man
to reflect on his origin by drawing him to the purpose of his coming into the
world, and ultimately the life to come after death. 

What will be the fate of
man in it? In addition to this, the incidents of many prophets from Noah (PBUH)
to Jesus (PBUH) have been repeated in this surah, so that it is clear that the
call of all those prophets was the same with succession, and those people who
had denied them, Allah Almighty subjected them to punishment. After death, Allah
will resurrect people and account for their good and bad deeds, and every
person will face punishment according to his faith and actions. This belief is
proved by pointing to the signs of divine power permeating the universe. 

Chapter: Regarding Surat Al-Mu’minun 

Narrated ‘Umar
bin Al-Khattab [may Allah be pleased with him]: 

“When the
revelation came to the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), one could hear what sounded like
the drone of bees before his face. The one-day revelation was coming to him; he
faced the Qiblah, raised his hands, and said: ‘O Allah! Increase us, do not
diminish us. Favor us, do not withhold from us, make us pleased and be pleased
with us.’ He (PBUH) said: ‘Ten Ayah were revealed to me, whoever abides by them
shall enter Paradise (and they are): ‘Successful indeed are the believers…’
until the completion of ten Verses (23:1-10).”

Reference: Jami` at-Tirmidhi 3173

reference: Book 47, Hadith 225

English translation: Vol. 5, Book 44, Hadith 3173.