Summary of Quran Chapter 43, Surat Az-Zukhruf, The Gold

The central theme of this Surah is the refutation of the
polytheists of Mecca. In it, their specific belief is highlighted, which
revolves around the claim that they used to call angels the daughters of Allah.
They also used this belief to justify their religion by saying that they were
following the ways of their forefathers. 

surah zukhruf quran chapter 43

In response, it is made clear in this Surah that blindly
following the beliefs of one’s forefathers, especially in matters of absolute
faith, is entirely wrong. Furthermore, it references the example of Prophet
Abraham (peace be upon him) and questions why they don’t follow his path, as he
openly rejects idolatry. 

The Surah also addresses the objections raised by the
polytheists of Mecca against Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). One of their
objections was why Allah did not choose a wealthy leader for the purpose of
sending a Prophet if that was His intention. In this Surah, Allah clarifies
that worldly wealth and power have no connection to a person’s sanctity or
closeness to Allah. Allah can bestow material riches on individuals, but it
doesn’t necessarily mean they are close to Him, especially when compared to the
blessings of the Hereafter. 

Furthermore, this Surah emphasizes that Allah distributes
economic resources in the world according to His wisdom, and a well-organized
system has been established for this purpose. 

In this context, Allah also recounts the story of Prophet
Moses (peace be upon him) and Pharaoh briefly. Pharaoh objected to Prophet
Moses on the grounds that he possessed worldly wealth and power, while Prophet
Moses did not. However, the outcome was that Pharaoh’s arrogance and disbelief
led to his downfall, and Prophet Moses emerged victorious. 

the Surah briefly mentions Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) to clarify his
true status. The Arabic word “Zukhruf” means gold, and in verse 35 of
this Surah, it is mentioned in the context that if Allah wills, He can
overwhelm all disbelievers with riches made of gold. Hence, the Surah is named
Az-Zukhruf” (gold).