World Disability Day December 3rd, 2023 

International Disabled Day 2023 

Now another International Day of Persons with
Disabilities will be observed on December 3 to address the issues related to
persons with disabilities worldwide and to strive for their economic and social

On the occasion of the last International Day of Persons with
Disabilities almost a year ago, when a person with a disability reflects and
remembers the pledges and commitments made to them, as a result, a common
disabled person may be compelled to think that, despite various ceremonies,
seminars, and conferences held throughout the year, there has been no
significant change in their lives. 


In reality, despite the
promises and realizations made during such events continuing year after year,
many disabled individuals continue to live in non-standard and uncertain
conditions, unaware of what the future holds for them. 

Every individual with a visible physical impairment due
to congenital or accidental reasons is not to be pitied. It is the
responsibility of society to regard their dignity, just like considering the
physical shortcomings of any individual. Showing special love and respect for
these specific individuals is a mark of cultured societies worldwide, and it is
the ethical and legal responsibility of every individual in such societies to
uphold their dignity. 

Rather, on this day, many disabled people are seen
protesting on the streets for their legitimate rights, such as visually
impaired people. 

There is a need for social
efforts to empower disabled individuals socially and financially. More than 12%
of Pakistan’s population faces various forms of disability. 

Every year on December 3rd, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated worldwide. In the
context of Pakistan, differently-abled individuals are an important part of any
society and, like other citizens, have the right to lead their lives positively. 

This class of people is
referred to as ‘persons with disabilities’ globally, to eliminate their sense of deprivation. However, merely giving them this label
is not enough; what is needed is concrete actions in their favor. 

International human rights law
guarantees all fundamental rights for persons with disabilities, and our
national laws also include special provisions for them, such as quotas in
employment, free education, healthcare, and other facilities. Despite these
laws, numerous challenges persist for persons with disabilities, and addressing
these issues is crucial. 

If people work with the
understanding that the well-being of persons with disabilities is a mission,
many things will improve. Resolving issues related to the mobility of disabled
individuals can address numerous challenges we face. The government should work
on urgent foundations for the welfare of disabled individuals. 

There is a need to provide
maximum facilities to disabled individuals at the levels so that they can be
motivated to pursue education. Efforts should be made to nurture them according
to their understanding. Provision of employment and boosting their morale in
every aspect of life is necessary. 

Creating an environment that
eliminates social injustices against them is essential, ensuring they don’t
feel a sense of inferiority and can contribute positively to society as
productive and efficient citizens. 

The message on this day is
that, rising above color, race, and ethnicity, individual and social roles
should be fulfilled for the welfare of special individuals so that they can
flourish in the eyes of Allah Almighty all beloved Holy Prophets, and our
beloved Last Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). 

The efforts of special
individuals are an example for everyone. Any country and society cannot
progress without including individuals with special abilities or diverse skills
in all aspects of life. 

The government of Pakistan
should continue to strive for equal rights and inclusion of persons with
disabilities in every sphere of life. We must ensure that persons with
disabilities have equal access to all rights, including health, education,
employment, transportation, and the right to vote, and that every facility is
equally accessible to them. 

Both the public and private
sectors need to collaborate for the betterment of persons with disabilities.
The media should play a significant role in raising awareness about the needs
and rights of persons with disabilities. 

There is an issue with ramps
in buildings; public places and government offices are not accessible to
persons with disabilities. Even where ramps exist, they are not up to standard,
and the angle of the ramp should not exceed 18 degrees. There is a lack of
reliable data regarding persons with disabilities. The census should include
households with persons with disabilities. 

Let us pledge on this day to
continue playing our respective roles in making persons with disabilities
active citizens in society and fully integrating them into the national mainstream. 

There is an immediate need to
bridge the gap between the actual population of persons with disabilities and
the registered figures. 

In educational, social, and
economic initiatives, instead of humiliation or mockery, disabled people should
be encouraged and supported. Following the directives of the judiciary (Supreme
Court of Pakistan), allocating 3% of seats in mainstream educational
institutions for various categories of disabled children will promote inclusion
in the field of education. 

Although there is a special
quota for government jobs for disabled individuals in the country, there is a
need for measures to ensure complete implementation of the quota. They should
be integrated into mainstream society with good treatment and cooperation,
enabling them to lead fulfilling lives like ordinary citizens. 

International Day of Persons with Disabilities December 3,

I respectfully
request my government to provide online employment opportunities for Persons
with Disabilities who possess special computerized national identification
cards. The government should take practical and concrete steps in this matter.